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October 2


Social Justice In Toronto


What If City Builders Looked At Accessibility As A Right?

In this talk Jenny will describe the “curb cut effect”: when you design for disability, you’ll find everyone benefits.

What If Public Consultation Was Always Meaningful?

What if public consultation allways inspired confidence in the abilities of communities and governments to work together?

What If Public Transit Was Free For Everyone?

While steps have been made to reduce the cost for some people, the consequences of making transit free for everyone could be far-reaching.


Nicole Swerhun

Principal, Swerhun Inc.

Jennifer Hiseler

Accessibility Specialist, Human Space

Taraneh Zarin

Volunteer Organizer, Free Transit Toronto

Central is excited to partner with The Bentway to continue our mission to educate residents through expert analysis of urban issues with a free weekly speaker series called Central Talks at The Bentway starting Tuesday, September 18 and continuing until October 2.

The Bentway is a unique and innovative public space located at 250 Fort York Blvd. that transforms 1.75km underneath Toronto’s Gardiner Expressway into a new gathering place for our city’s growing population.

The new Strachan Amphitheatre will provide the ideal venue to bring together residents of surrounding communities to explore alternate histories, potential futures and fanciful ideas for pressing urban issues under the theme ​If, But, What If.

We're always looking for outstanding speakers to discuss urban issues, present their research, and uncover hidden trends. Learn more and be a speaker this fall.

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