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Jennifer Hiseler

Accessibility Specialist, Human Space

Jennifer Hiseler is a driven advocate for accessibility and is passionate about engaging with others on how to improve the built environment for people with disabilities.

Jennifer balances her work between leading teams of auditors for large portfolio, multi-building projects and smaller, community-based projects on her own where she engages directly with the client. She regularly drafts and reviews reports that identify a project’s barriers to accessibility and provides recommendations on which changes can be made for greatest impact, measuring against a wide range of accessibility guidelines and implementing best practices. Additionally, Jennifer regularly provides AODA and IASR training.

Jennifer started her consulting career as a built environment auditor before moving into business development and project management roles. Her expertise in the field of accessibility stems from auditing over 200 buildings and acting as the project manager on both small and large-scale audit projects. Her background in prosthetics, orthotics and high-technology wheelchairs has given her keen insight into how the built environment can impact the lives of people using mobility equipment.


What If City Builders Looked At Accessibility As A Right?

October 2, 2018 6:00 PM
6:30 pm

What if city builders looked at accessibility as a right? What if they looked at their designs and asked who’s being left out?

In this talk Jenny will describe the “curb cut effect”: when you design for disability, you’ll find everyone benefits. From those first sledgehammered curbs to today’s more complex intersections, we’ll look at how design choices are a matter of social justice: who can enter the flow of city life, who is left stranded on the edge.

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