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Ryan Adamson

M.A., York University

Ryan Adamson is a public engagement consultant with a background in urban planning. His interests include city building, urban diversity and community planning. He specializes in the connections between urban planning and LGBTQ2I communities and the inequalities that exist within the queer alphabet and physical space.


What If More Neighbourhoods Were Designed For Inclusive Space?

September 25, 2018 6:00 PM
6:30 pm

Toronto is often touted as a bastion of inclusivity and diversity – a place where everyone is welcome. However, if we take a deeper look, is this true? This session will trouble and complicate Toronto’s LGBTQ2I past and present. It will expose how the Village emerged as a commercial centre rather than a political one and will discuss the exclusions that exist within this “diverse” space. Come challenge the way you think about Toronto as a tolerant city and imagine a queerer more inclusive future.

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