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Governance Models for Successful Regional Transit: Who Owns It? Who Pays for it?

by Institute on Municipal Finance and Governance


February 12, 2019 4:30 PM


6:00 pm


Vivian and David Campbell Conference Facility -- 1 Devonshire Place, South House Toronto


Transit presents unique challenges for metropolitan regions. On the one hand, transit systems in cities like Toronto, New York, and London draw riders from across the surrounding region and are essential to these economic regions. On the other hand, transit systems serve a vital local function. Transit systems don’t just get commuters to work. They connect neighbourhoods – a purpose that can get lost when thinking on a regional basis.

These varied demands raise important governance questions. In tightly connected metropolitan regions, who should make transit decisions? Who should run the system? Who should pay for it? On February 12, Michael Schabas, Patricia Wood, and Joe Berridge will explore how different cities and regions around the world have confronted these questions. As the Government of Ontario looks to upload some of Toronto’s transit, these three speakers will look at how different models of regional transit governance have succeeded or failed to support both thriving regions and effective local transit.

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