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What is Your Unconscious Bias?

BEAT: Forum


October 13, 2018 9:00 AM


1:00 pm


The Great Hall at OCAD University 100 McCaul Street, Level 2


BEAT’s annual Forum is devoted to diversity and inclusion in the architecture and design industry. This year’s inaugural BEAT Forum is focused on the topic of Unconscious Bias.

Toronto has become known as the most “diverse” city in the world (BBC Radio, 2016). As such, issues surrounding ethnic, cultural and religious diversity, and discrimination of all kinds, remain at the forefront of Toronto’s contemporary society. How are these issues being addressed within the profession of architecture?  How are we addressing unconscious bias in the workplace? How do the experiences of architecture students, academics and professionals differ based on their demographic background?

How can we develop and promote an inclusive profession that represents the most diverse city in the world? Through a series of presentations and discussion, this event will raise awareness, share experiences and provide tools for ‘inclusion’, that will inspire the audience to become part of the solution to a more inclusive architectural profession.

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