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A New City Charter for Toronto: What Do We Want?

March 23, 2019 9:45 AM
10:15 am

The removal of the City's right to determine its Council's structure had many damaging effects on our election and local democracy more broadly. However, out of the ashes is an opportunity to start from scratch and ask ourselves what we value, what we stand for, how we want to relate to each other, and how we want to govern ourselves. This presentation will share one such initiative by the City Institute at York University, to lead a civil society stakeholder consultation on these questions.

Tricia Wood

Professor of Geography, York University

Tricia is Professor of Geography at York University, with expertise in citizenship and identity, attachment to place, activism, and cities, particularly issues of mobility and belonging. She also writes a transit column, formerly at Torontoist and now for the Spacing magazine website.

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