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Run For Office Screening & Discussion

March 23, 2019 11:15 AM
11:45 am

Run For Office explores the rollercoaster journey of three “outsider” political candidates facing long odds and a series of dramatic twists in their first run for office.

We strive for a democracy in which all Canadians can participate in a meaningful way. One of the most meaningful of all is throwing your hat in the ring at election time.

But what really happens when an average citizen takes up the cause and decides to make a run for it? "Run for Office" is an hour-long CPAC documentary that follows the campaigns of three "outsider" political candidates who are running for the first time.

Will they be able to make an impact, or will they be shut out by a political system that tends to concentrate power in the hands of the same kinds of people who have always had it?

Watch the full hour-long documentary now.

Brennan Leffler


Brennan Leffler is the multi award-winning Canadian journalist, producer and field director behind Run For Office, an hour-long CPAC documentary following three "outsider" campaigns for political office.

Brennan's career spans 16 years, most recently as a freelance documentary producer/director with credits on CTV's flagship investigative current affairs program W5, and CPAC TV. In 2018, Brennan won the Barbara Sears award for Best Editorial Research at the Canadian Screen Awards. The hour-long W5 documentary titled “Making A Terrorist” told the story of an elaborate RCMP undercover terrorism operation that resulted in the entrapment and wrongful conviction of two suspects.

Prior to going freelance, Brennan spent six years producing documentaries for Global Television's national investigative program 16x9. Brennan's story “Contamination Nation” was part of 16x9's Canadian Screen Award-winning submission for Best News or Information Program in 2016, the most prestigious award in Canadian news and current affairs. Brennan won the Best Short Form Audio-Video award from Amnesty International in 2014 for his story about the infamous gang rape of Jyoti Singh in India.

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Amber Morley

Community Advocate

Born and raised in South Etobicoke, Amber Morley is a proud and deeply connected member of the Etobicoke-Lakeshore community. Her longstanding community advocacy and the recognition she has received for her efforts are a testament to her dedication to improving the lives of residents through tangible and sustainable action. She is a young woman of colour who is a committed voice for responsive government, collaborative communities, and inclusive decision making.

Since 2013, Amber has worked at Toronto City Hall in various Council support capacities, having spent the last three years as the Constituency Assistant in Ward 4, Etobicoke-Centre. Amber is a vocal champion for the expansion of accessible community spaces across Etobicoke, including the development of local Community Hubs.

Prior to working at City Hall, Amber spent ten years working at LAMP Community Health Centre, where she held various roles including Director of the South Etobicoke Youth Assembly, Youth Volunteer Support Worker, and Community Relations Assistant. Amber has also served on several community boards and advisory committees with organizations such as the Remix Project and the Laidlaw Foundation.

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Sarah Climenhaga

Community Advocate

Sarah Climenhaga has lived in Toronto for most of her life. Her studies in urban geography and biology at McGill led her to a career in environmental conservation and transportation policy.

She has spent the past several years raising her children while advocating for transit, pedestrian safety and greenspace improvements in her community. In 2015 and 2016 she and her family cycled and hiked her way around the world, and she returned to Toronto inspired by the innovations she saw in other urban centres. The desire for a better city was behind her run for mayor in this fall's Toronto municipal elections, and she continues to believe Toronto's potential can be realized with strong leadership and resident engagement.

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Walied Khogali

Community Advocate

Walied Khogali Ali witnessed his parents make many sacrifices to give him and his six siblings the best possible opportunities, instilling the values of hard work, education and social responsibility. This inspired Walied to “pay it forward” and dedicate himself to public and community service.

Walied has made Regent Park his family home since 2005. He has worked to champion issues such as affordable transit, environmental stewardship, equity and human rights in both the community and across the city. Walied is known for his work with residents from all backgrounds to create safe, inclusive, sustainable communities that are free from discrimination and hate. As a Canadian Muslim who immigrated from Sudan, he has experienced firsthand what it’s like to be a newcomer youth growing up in Toronto. Walied is passionate about building a society in which all people can reach their full potential.

His professional track record reflects this commitment. Since 2016, Walied has worked to support the campaigns of the United Way, as well as in communications at the Labour Community Services of Toronto. Walied served as the President of the Toronto Environmental Alliance, and is a founding member of the transit advocacy organization, TTC Riders. Walied has also held key positions in a number of organizations including the Canadian Arab Federation and the Toronto and York Region Labour Council.

He is the Co-Founder of the Coalition Against White Supremacy and Islamophobia (CAWSI). This coalition of 170+ organizations, mobilized a national day of action in February 2017 in response to the Trump administration’s “Muslim ban” and the deadly islamophobic and racist attack on a mosque in Quebec City in January 2017. Walied is a community mentor for youth experiencing marginalization, and an advocate for education and career opportunities, as well as meaningful youth participation in public discourse. Walied recently ran in the most recent October 2018 elections in Toronto-Centre.

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