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The schedule of speakers and pitches for Saturday, March 23, 2019. Subject to change.

9:30 am

Opening Remarks - Toronto's Next Chapter

An overview of the complex challenges facing Toronto and the first steps to solving them.
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9:45 am

A New City Charter for Toronto: What Do We Want?

Discussing the values and mechanisms that should guide a new city charter.
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10:15 am

Creating A Home For Indigenous Businesses In Toronto

Discussing the effects of creating economic opportunities for Indigenous people at the new ICIE.
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10:45 am

Uncovering The Politics Of Smart Cities

How can citizens hold corporations to a high standard in unprecedented types of development?
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11:15 am

Run For Office Screening & Discussion

Run For Office explores the rollercoaster journey of three “outsider” political candidates.
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11:45 am


It's time to head out and grab a sandwich at one of many nearby restaurants.
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12:45 pm

Overcoming Incumbent Politicians & Challenging Common Beliefs

Faisal will describe how to challenge incumbent campaigns and residents' commonly held beliefs.
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1:15 pm

Investigating Gun Violence & Police Policy In Toronto

Addressing gun and gang violence, policy responses, and current debates around policing in Toronto.
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1:45 pm

Afternoon break

Take a load off and enjoy a snack :D
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2:00 pm

The Scooters Are Coming: Managing Car-Free Mobility In Toronto

Examining at the impact of electric scooters on North American cities and urban travel patterns.
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2:30 pm

Overlooked Ways To Add Density In Neighbourhoods

This session will offer strategies for gentle intensification in existing neighbourhoods.
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3:00 pm

Examining Housing Now

Examining the specific sites and factors that are limiting the building of affordable housing.
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