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Announcing Central Talks at The Bentway starting Sept. 18

Today, I’m happy to reveal the next opportunity for our community to learn and improve our city together.
August 22, 2018

Seeing the fledgling Central community come together at the #CityBuildingNow event on July 21 was amazing. I saw so many introductions being made, healthy conversations starting and smiles beaming.

Even before the event was concluded, attendees and partners were asking me about the next event. I had some ideas, but unfortunately the time wasn’t right to tell the world about them.

Today, I’m happy to reveal the next opportunity for our community to learn and improve our city together.

Central has been accepted as part of the first cohort of the community incubation program at The Bentway this fall. This process began in April with a simple application and over the past months I’ve been working with The Bentway staff to hone the message and content for a new, free speaker series.

The Bentway Summer Social in full swing.

This speaker series will be called Central Talks at The Bentway. For three weeks starting in the evening on Sept. 18, we’ll be continuing the mission to bring expert analysis of urban issues to residents at a new amphitheatre currently finishing construction underneath the Gardiner Expressway near Strachan Avenue.

I can hardly think of a better partner for the spirit of our events and as a venue.

I’ve been a fan of The Bentway since my first after-work skate last winter. Watching it evolve into a hotspot for music, games and performances this summer during their Sunday Socials turned me into a raving advocate.

We were lucky to have The Bentway’s Director of Programming Ilana Altman with us on July 21 to describe the history of the area and lay out her vision for the coming years under the Gardiner.

I’m very excited that Central will be a part of the near future at The Bentway. We’re now recruiting speakers and partners to help make our recurring slice of time this September and October as informative and engaging as possible. So submit a pitch or get in touch to start the conversation.

For a more concise description of what’s happening, check out and expect our first speaker announcement in the coming days.

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