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Central Conference Launch FAQs

Everything you wanted to know about the Central Conference but were afraid to email about including speakers, discounts and venue.
May 10, 2018

Who is behind Central?

Central is organized by Ben Myers, a Parkdale resident and professional conference and event organizer. Learn more and contact Ben on the About page.

Is Central a political protest event?

No. Central is designed to help people of all political stripes understand the systems that prevent progress from being made in the communities of Toronto.

Why does it cost money to attend?

Revenue from tickets covers the costs of venue rental, A/V, food, and other items that create an event beyond the reach of a free meetup. At time of writing, Central is a bootstrapped company that receives no funding from any level of government or other organization. If successful, Central will grow into more events and new topics.

Can I get a discount on tickets?

In the spirit of inclusivity, all reasonable requests for discounts will be considered. Email describing your request and justification.

Why would a speaker do this?

We live in an age of ideas. Most speakers are looking to promote and justify their ideas on how to improve Toronto and build their network in order to fulfill their goals.

What kind of speakers can I expect?

Central is seeking speakers with practical ideas and novel insights into urban issues that are currently effecting Toronto or will affect the city in the next 5-10 years. Current areas of consideration are transportation, politics, policing and affordability/housing.

Can I be a speaker?

All candidates will be considered. Get more information on our Speakers page.

What is the venue?

Venues in downtown Toronto and surrounding areas are currently being considered. Subscribe for email updates for announcements about the venue and more.

I live in the suburbs - should I attend?

Absolutely. Issues like transit, taxes and housing effect everyone. How we deal with these issues from Scarborough to Etobicoke have an impact on everyone's quality of life.

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