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Making It Happen & Making Improvements In 2019

I’m excited to announce that Central will return with a proper full-day conference in 2019. Learn about the improvements that will be coming to the event.
November 5, 2018

I’m excited to announce that Central will return with a proper full-day conference in 2019.

The past 10 months were dedicated to launching this new concept, building connections, testing theses and making incremental improvements. Whether it was for our #CityBuildingNow event in July or during our Central Talks at The Bentway this fall, stacks of sticky notes, emails and  presentations slides have been produced, full of ways to improve the event and take it to the next level.

Making Improvements

Based on some observations from July, we’ll be making more time and space to enable conversations among attendees. Improving communities in Toronto requires collaboration among people and there’s no better time to make that happen than when we’re in the same room.

Improving the venue is another focus. I don’t want anything to detract from the presenters’ information and helping attendees make connections. More money will be invested to make that happen.

We’ll be keeping much of the format that worked: The event will still be led by experts, focused on systemic urban issues and improving our city.

The Three Pillars

Focusing on Central every day has also given me time to think about what the event stands for. I landed on three pillars: expert-led, accessible, and attendee-focused. I rewrote the about page explaining what those mean, and you can also learn more about my experience in events and how the concept for Central came about.

Be A Speaker Or Advisor

Work has already begun on our first event of 2019. You may have seen some new artwork on the site. We’re currently recruiting the advisory board to help guide the program and speakers at the event. You can contact me if you’re interested in being a speaker or advisor.

In the coming months, the process will formally begin again to find the right venue and amazing speakers. We’ll also be recruiting partners and sponsors to help make it all happen and help spread the word. Finally, we need to pick a theme and get the word out!

Luckily, I love the work.

Like last year, I’ll keep you up to date with monthly blog posts and emails.

In the meantime, check our events section regularly to keep up to date on the latest discussions about improving Toronto.

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