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Jonathan English

PhD Candidate, Columbia University

Jonathan English is a doctoral candidate at Columbia University in Urban Transportation Planning. 

His research compares the evolution of Toronto model for suburban transit with those of Greater Washington and the San Francisco Bay Area. He has a Master’s in History from Columbia and the London School of Economics. He is also a transportation and urban issues consultant, with clients including a variety of organizations in the technology, labour, planning, and film sectors. 

He has written articles for a number of publications, including The Atlantic’s CitylabCity and State New York, the Architectural League’s Urban Omnibus, and Urban Toronto. He has previously worked in government in Canada and Germany.


Building Transit Demand In Toronto With Regional Rail

9:45 am
10:15 am

The level of transit service provided on a route has long been determined by its level of demand. But how will demand materialize if good service is never provided? High transit ridership can only be produced if good service is provided first. This presentation will discuss the different elements that make up good transit service. It will also look at how Toronto was once a model city in North America for attracting people to transit, and how the region forgot what made it successful. 

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