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Julius Haag

PhD Candidate, University of Toronto

Julius Haag is a PhD candidate at the Centre for Criminology & Sociolegal Studies, University of Toronto. 

His research interests include policing, racial profiling, youth in conflict with the law, program design and evaluation and systemic racism in the Canadian criminal justice system. He has spoken extensively on Canadian issues related to police misconduct, racial profiling, police ‘carding’ and stop-and-frisk activities. 

His ongoing dissertation research examines the impact of police-citizen encounters on racialized and marginalized youth in the Toronto. Julius has previously worked as a youth outreach worker and program evaluation consultant for the San Romanoway Revitalization Association in Toronto’s Jane-Finch community and in an advisory role for other community organizations throughout the Greater Toronto Area, with a focus on issues facing Black youth. 


How Police Policies Impact A Changing Toronto

12:15 pm
1:00 pm

Policing in Toronto is in crisis. The Toronto Police Service now faces many issues, including a growing backlash over high-profile cases of police brutality, on-going resistance to the practice of 'carding' and an increasingly public lack of confidence in the leadership of Chief Mark Saunders. 

It is clear that the police must change their policies and practices to address these and other issues. To this end, the Toronto Police Service recently outlined a comprehensive 'action plan' aimed at modernizing its service delivery model. However, there have been many past attempts to reform policing in our city, and the police have proven resistant to attempts at change. 

This presentation will discuss various issues related to policing in Toronto along with evidence-based practices related to police reform.

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