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Central is an expert-led speaker series about improving Toronto's communities by examining systemic urban issues.

This time, at The Bentway.

Three Free Evenings Of Speakers & Discussion

September 18

Vertical Living In The City

High-density areas like condos towers have changed how residents live. What if we build around their needs?

September 25

Building Communities

Toronto's communities are always evolving in locations and demographics. What if we could support them better?

October 2

Social Justice In Toronto

Toronto faces unique barriers to create a more fair society. What if we made justice a priority?

Events Under The Bents

Central Talks Speakers

Tai Huynh

Editor-In-Chief, The Local

Julie Bogdanowicz

Architect & Urban Designer at City of Toronto

Cadence Weapon

Rapper & Producer

Carolyn Kim

Director, City Building at Pembina Institute

Jennifer Hiseler

Accessibility Specialist, Human Space

Taraneh Zarin

Volunteer Organizer, Free Transit Toronto

Annely Zonena

Senior Planner at City Of Toronto

Nicole Swerhun

Principal, Swerhun Inc.

Justine Abigail Yu

Founder & Editor, Living Hyphen

Ryan Adamson

M.A., York University

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Central's mission is to educate residents through expert analysis of urban issues and create a better city for everyone.
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